A bonus segment on Trudeau's "make-up" with guest co-host, Arshy Mann. Plus, one reporter’s real life story on the gift of poutine from Trudeau. And this week’s news has been about the three worst people in Canada: Faith Goldy, Maxime Bernier, and Ezra Lavant. Why? Paul Wells co-hosts for our regularly scheduled programming.

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Direct download: SC230_SNC_Aladdin.mp3
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Doctors, celebrities, and journalists have all played a role in spreading misinformation about women’s bodies. Dr. Jennifer Gunter, author of The Vagina Bible, is often called “Twitter’s gynecologist” and she wants all of us to do better when we talk about vaginas.

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Direct download: CANADALAND_294_Vagina_Empire.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

The Vancouver Sun is very, very sorry about publishing that inflammatory anti-immigration screed. They'll tone it down a little next time. Also, why is election coverage so boring? Journalist and COMMONS host Arshy Mann co-hosts.


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Direct download: SC229_Sorry_Immigrants.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 12:35am EDT

Thirty Helens agree that The Kids in the Hall was a watershed moment not just for Canadian comedy, but for comedy as we know it. Comedian Bruce McCulloch talks about the legacy of Canada’s weirdest sketch show, Lorne Michaels, and the CBC. 

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Direct download: CANADALAND__293_Bruce_McCulloch.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

Sexy Hurricane Headlines: “Dorian Relentlessly Pounds Bahamas” - What is up with the disaster porn? And Justin Trudeau’s Malaysian ancestry, and other things I learned on Netflix. Author and The Guardian environment reporter Martin Lukacs co-hosts.

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Direct download: SC228_-_Disaster_Porn_Boat_Crash_Netflix_PM2.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 1:33am EDT

Alberta's premier wants a referendum on ... what exactly? And Justin Ling wants you to calm down about climate change "muzzling." Plus, meet some intriguing candidates to keep an eye on.

P.S. OPPO has news: We’re going weekly! We’ll be in your feeds every Tuesday until the end of the election.

Get in touch at or find OPPO on Twitter and Facebook @OPPOcast.

Direct download: CANADALAND_OPPO_Is_Jason_Kenney_Stoking_Alberta_Separatism.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

Canoe-borne bandits strike an underwater town. A new generation of wealthy lobstermen is minted. An island disappears. And hellfire engulfs a highway jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive. Just another normal day amidst Canada’s climate catastrophe. 

Featured in this episode: Catherine Griwkowsky (Alberta Today), Brendan Kennedy (Toronto Star), Keith Stewart (Greenpeace), Markus Harvey.

This is the final episode in the series COMMONS: CRUDE. To hear the rest, subscribe to COMMONS.


To learn more:

“There will be floods” by Brendan Kennedy in the Toronto Star

“Big Oil braced for global warming while it fought regulations” by Amy Lieberman and Susanne Rust in the Los Angeles Times

“When climate change hits home” by Nick Purdon in CBC News

Additional music:

“A List of Ways to Die” by Lee Rosevere, “Night Owl” by Broke for Free, “Drop of Water in the Ocean” by Broke for Free, and “Cylinder Five” by Chris Zabriskie, adapted.

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Direct download: CANADALAND_COMMONS_CRUDE_The_Apocalypse_Is_Now.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

A respected doctor put women’s health and lives in danger for money and the public almost never heard about it. Michael Lista talks about his precedent-setting Toronto Life story about an OBGYN who committed dangerous procedures without consent for years and the fight to expose him. 

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Direct download: CANADALAND_292_A_Medical_Horror_Story_And_The_Fight_To_Expose_It.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:02pm EDT

Is the press protecting the liberal party? And the debate about climate change somehow continues and Elections Canada suggested we might not be allowed to have it. Former crown prosecutor and National Observer journalist Sandy Garassino co-hosts.

Direct download: SHORT_CUTS_227_Scandal_What_Scandal.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 12:03am EDT

Over the past couple of years, a few Canadian media outlets and writers have become obsessed with trans people, painting their campaign for human rights as a menace to society. This coverage has hit a peak with the story of Jessica Yaniv, a trans woman who’s taking multiple beauticians to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal after they refused to wax to her genitals. Where did this obsession come from? And why has this particular story taken off?

Featuring journalist Mary Rogan.

Read "Growing Up Trans" by Mary Rogan in The Walrus.

Watch Mary debate Jordan Peterson on TVO's The Agenda.

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Direct download: CANADALAND_291_Why_Are_Trans_Issues_Suddenly_Everywhere.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 9:40pm EDT

More cuts at Canada's largest newspaper chain; this time to journalistic independence, open discourse, and a healthy work culture. And was the swearing, spitting Scheer supporter part of a media hoax? With freelance journalist and former National Post reporter Rebecca Tucker.
Read Sean Craig's piece about Postmedia's shift to the right here.
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Direct download: Short_Cuts_226_Postmedias_Hard_Right_Turn.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 4:42pm EDT

Reporter Anna Mehler Paperny talks about her book, Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me: Depression in the First Person, which covers her search for answers about depression and her personal experiences.   

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Direct download: CANADALAND_290_What_Its_Like_To_Want_To_Die.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

Is it time to start reporting the strange behaviour of young white men? Why do we still have columnists? And a study of Canadian media consumption shows that the real threat to media literacy is Canadian media consumption.

Paul Wells co-hosts.

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Direct download: Short_Cuts_225_Barbaric_Caucasian_Practices_Hotline.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 12:01am EDT

Steven Page, former frontman and founding member of Barenaked Ladies, talks about his career, why he chose to leave a beloved and wildly successful band, and the fickle realities of Canadian stardom.

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Direct download: CANADALAND_289_Steven_Page.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

The hunt is on. Newsrooms across the country are chasing down everyone from psychiatrists to Survivorman himself to speculate on the fate of two murder suspects. And are the journalistic standards of Doug Ford's state-funded propaganda channel slipping?? We take a closer look with Wag the Doug's Allison Smith.

Listen to Allison's other Canadaland Media podcast all about Doug Ford, called Wag the Doug.

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Direct download: Short_Cuts_224_Teenage_Nazi_Manhunt.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:24pm EDT

Glen Assoun spent nearly 17 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. But even after his sentence was overturned, the evidence that freed him remained sealed. Reporters fought successfully to have that evidence released. What they found not only raises questions about the investigation, but reveals the outright deletion of evidence pointing to another killer.

Tim Bousquet of The Halifax Examiner fought for transparency in this case, alongside the CBC and the Canadian Press. You can read all of his reporting here.

This episode is sponsored by Fifefox, Endy and Myseum.

From Canadian news sites to InfoWars, a BC trans woman has become a fixation of conservative media. And new details emerge from the national media bailout that exclude -- surprise!!! -- nearly anyone who isn't a newspaper.

Zane Schwartz, CAJ chair and investigative journalist with The Logic, co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_223_Jessica_Yaniv_Transphobic_Fever_Dream.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:43pm EDT

In 2017, the New York Times released an astonishing front-page story about the American government’s multi-million dollar black budget investigation into UFOs. So aliens, right? Well… probably not. Brigitte Noël guest-hosts and talks with UFO aficionado and freelance journalist Nick Rose about how journalists have failed when covering mysterious things in the sky.  

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Direct download: CANADALAND_287_Lets_Get_Serious_About_UFO_Journalism_v2.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

Sandy Hudson and Nora Loreto take over CANADALAND for this episode about the paltry coverage of Canada's migrant detention policies and the devastating loss of leftist Twitter’s most stalwart defender, Lindsay Shepherd.

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Direct download: Short_Cuts_222_SandyAndNoraLand.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

We asked our listeners to send us their burning questions and this is the result. Hear us answer questions about everything from the future of Canadaland to Jesse’s personal finances.

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The secularism bill banning public workers from wearing religious symbols finally passed in Québec. Google News gathered together the heads of major media companies for a meeting and (surprise!) didn’t tell the public. And VICE reporter Ben Makuch lost a legal challenge to keep private background material from the RCMP.

Sarah Hagi co-hosts.

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CORRECTION: The show notes previously listed Ben Makuch as a former VICE employee. He remains employed at VICE. 

Direct download: Short_Cuts_221_F__k_You_For_This_One_Quebec.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 9:20pm EDT

Politics may dominate the news cycle, but every Canadian is touched by our health care system. But while there are countless reporters covering politics in this country, only one person has spent their career reporting on and analyzing health care. André Picard talks about health horror stories, scandals, and what it’s like covering health in the age of GOOP. 

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Direct download: CANADALAND_285_Health_Care_News_In_The_Age_Of_Goop.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

A Canadian cartoonist drew a provocative image of Trump, blithely ignorant of the fatal consequences of his border policy. After it blew up online, the cartoonist was let go from the company who'd published his work for 17 years. And what was with that viral clip of Trudeau getting "snubbed" at G20?

Jan Wong co-hosts.

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Twenty-two people spoke to us confidentially about working for WE. But Josh Keenan went on the record. Hear what he had to say, and WE’s response.

Read Jaren Kerr’s full investigation here.


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Night Owl” and “Drop of Water in the Ocean” by Broke For Free, adapted; “Blonde” by Nctrnm, adapted; and “Easy Life” by Lee Rosevere. 

Tickets for Doug Ford vs. The Arts available here.

Direct download: CANADALAND_284_A_Former_WE_Employee_Speaks_Out.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

Pour one out for Margaret Wente: she's leaving the Globe. The Irvings tighten their grip on New Brunswick news, and some Toronto councillors are learning not to cross Warren Kinsella.

Sean Craig co-hosts.

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Direct download: Short_Cuts_The_Pleasure_Of_Margaret_Wente.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

Something strange has been going on for the last little while and we’re ready to talk about it. This is a story about a Republican-affiliated scheme against Canadaland and yes, we’re serious.


The Executive Director of WE Charity, Dalal Al-Wahedi states:

Navigator is a long-time supporter of WE Charity. Since May 2017, the charity has engaged Navigator in an advisory capacity. This work has been limited in scope to strategic advice, assisting with drafting press releases statements and in reviewing legal texts. Navigator has not been engaged in any online, editorial, media, partner or public outreach.

Mr. Portela contacted WE in the fall for comment for his article, but WE declined to comment.

WE Charity and its team have never heard of “Riverwood Strategies” and/or any of its representatives. And WE Charity has had no relationship(s) whatsoever with any of the other names mentioned in your email. WE Charity has been contacted by literally hundreds of people across Canada and the United States who have universally expressed their deep frustration with the false reporting of Canadaland, including the website knowingly publishing multiple disproven claims, manufactured evidence such as digitally altered images, and continuously failing to correct when presented with clear and undisputable facts.

Canadaland, Jesse Brown, and Jaren Kerr have all wrongly implied, at multiple points via social media and articles, that “difficulties” experienced by their website and blog posts could be attributed to WE Charity, including at one occasion, pointing to its temporary Internet outage, and on another occasion, pointing to crude social media bots. As was the case with WE Charity’s formal communications at the time to Canadaland, WE Charity strongly rejects and has repeatedly rejected these false claims. We refer to the note which was communicated to your legal counsel on November 18th, 2018: “The clear implication is that my clients have had some responsibility for the generation of the messages. These messages did not emanate from our clients nor were they authorized by them. Any contrary allegation or innuendo by Mr. Brown, Mr. Kerr or Canadaland will be relied on in the pending libel proceedings as further evidence of their malice toward our clients.”



“A List of Ways to Die” by Lee Rosevere, adapted

Direct download: CANADALAND_283_Oh_Great_A_Republican_Plot_Against_Candaland_.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:03pm EDT

What better way to recognize a climate emergency than by approving the Trans Mountain Pipeline? Why did the Raptors’ president get carded after his team won? And what's with U.S. media suddenly paying attention to Indigenous people in Canada?

Ryan McMahon guest hosts, and Andray Domise co-hosts.

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Direct download: Short_Cuts_218_Whose_Pipeline_Is_It_Anyway.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

Greed, money, and revenge culminate with a gruesome murder on the driveway of a Vancouver mansion. Canada correspondent for The New York Times, Dan Bilefsky, talks about what happens when the Canadian dream goes very, very wrong and the weird balkanization of Canadian news.

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Direct download: CANADALAND_282_Lifestyles_of_the_Rich_and_Fatal.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:01pm EDT

Rest assured, Canadians! Jason Kenney is here to protect you from the evils of the Green Left. A look at the Alberta government's anti-environment "War Room," plus the imminent Raptor Rapture.

Fatima Syed guest hosts, and Kieran Leavitt co-hosts.

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Direct download: Short_Cuts_217_United_Conservative_Postmedia_War_Room.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:52pm EDT

From hosting his own show on the CBC to playing J-Roc on Trailer Park Boys, Jonathan Torrens has been a mainstay of the Canadian entertainment industry for decades. So what's his deal? Is he a comedian? A talk show host? Or is he just that guy who wrote a truly terrible song called "Thank U Canada". 

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Direct download: CANADALAND_281_Trolling_Jonathan_Torrens.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 12:47am EDT

The majority of our media is bending backward to avoid acknowledging Canadian genocide. Why? And Lindsay Shepherd travelled to Ottawa to complain about her weeklong Twitter ban: a look at the online hate hearings and the right's war on free speech.

Sarah Krichel co-hosts.

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Direct download: Short_Cuts_216_The_Word_For_This_Is_Genocide.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:59pm EDT

Canada’s national news organizations are helmed by a handful of people. The news bosses decide what gets to be news and what doesn’t for the entire country… and we think it’s time someone talks to them about that. We’ve reached out to the heads of every news organization across the country. APTN’s Karyn Pugliese is the first to accept.

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Direct download: CANADALAND_280_The_News_Bosses_APTNs_Karyn_Pugliese_V2.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

As one of Canada's most beloved radio personalities leaves the job she's held for 17 seasons, who could possibly have anything negative to say? Also, Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott have finally revealed their schemes to... run as independents. And should media unions have a say in deciding who gets federal media funding?

Nora Loreto co-hosts.

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InfoLab imagined newspapers' transition from print to digital, creating multimedia digital news in the basement of The Hamilton Spectator back in the early '90s. Jesse talks to its former director, journalist Wayne MacPhail, about what the InfoLab did, and why it shut down shortly after Conrad Black's company bought the newspaper chain. 


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Lord Conrad Black, First of His Name, The Unedited, King of Columns, Breaker of Laws, Flatterer of American Presidents, and Father of the National Post. Did Canada’s favourite criminal Lord just schmooze his way into a pardon from Donald Trump or is the American justice system to blame? Also, speaking of ancient things, Canada’s dusty old privacy laws are back in the spotlight thanks to the government’s new digital charter.

Direct download: SHORT_CUTS_214_Lord_Ballwasher_Of_Crossharbour.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:17pm EDT

But will the $2.5 million judgment against the far-right twice-defeated mayoral candidate Kevin J. Johnston actually stop him spreading hate online? Jesse speaks with media lawyer Justin Safayeni, and founding board member of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network Amira Elghawaby about what the ruling means for Johnston and his ilk.

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Direct download: CANADALAND_278_Bigotry_Punished_Miraculously.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:30pm EDT

It's Nazi season in Canada! From the "controversial" flag in Saskatchewan to the neo-Nazi working in an Ontario city hall, Canada's working hard to normalize racism. And Mark Norman apparently had it worse than Omar Khadr. Who was in Guantanmo Bay. As a minor.

Sandy Garossino co-hosts.

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Direct download: Short_Cuts_213_Misfit_Manchild_Edgelords.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

The new podcast Narcos PQ hands the mic to those who bring Canada its drugs: bikers, drug mules, outlaw chemists. Co-hosts Brigitte Noël and Félix Séguin take over this week to translate some of their most revealing tape, and tell us why we should listen to criminals. 

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Direct download: CANADALAND_277_Quebecs_Narcos_Tell_All.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 4:00am EDT

In the prurient rush for lurid details about Bruce McArthur and his victims, maybe it’s time to re-examine the way we consume true crime. And the ongoing saga of the Mark Norman affair becomes even muddier.

Deidre Olsen co-hosts.

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Direct download: Short_Cuts_212_Newfoundland_2_The_Newfoundlanding.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

Digital media has been gentrified into a mall, says the digital rights activist and author. Cory Doctorow tells Jesse how consolidation and platform silos keep the biggest tech and media companies on top, at our expense.

Direct download: CANADALAND_276_20_Years_After_Napster.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

Was the recent Simpsons episode about Canada offensive? Was it even funny? And, finally, the mainstream media seems to be paying attention to the rising threat of white terrorism in Canada.

Alheli Picazo co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_211_Your_Body_Is_A_Newfoundland.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

A popular pundit has a curious connection: her company worked for China. South China Morning Post's Vancouver correspondent Ian Young tells Jesse that the Canadian media has "blind spots" when it comes to how the Chinese government tries to influence the conversation in Canada. 

Direct download: CANADALAND_275_Sneaking_Chinese_Propaganda_Into_The_Canadian_Media.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

Who among us hasn't stabbed a lecherous raccoon with a dessert fork? And Omar Khadr gave his first big interview on Québec television; where was English media on this one?

Nora Loreto co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_210_Raccoon_Thirst_Trap.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

And if so, can government regulation crack down on hate speech and election interference on social media without crushing free speech? Jesse asks Natasha Tusikov, a criminology professor who researches where technology and regulation meet. 

Direct download: 274_CANADALAND__Is_Facebook_Worth_Fixing.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 1:20am EDT

Journalism that exposes racism, homophobia, and election fraud: does any of it matter? All of this and more in a look at the Alberta election. And then a check-in with the Globe and Mail's Thunder Bay bureau.

Jen Gerson co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_209_Dont_Call_Me_Jason.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

Former CBC exec Richard Stursberg tells Jesse all about it, and about his new book, The Tangled Garden: A Canadian Cultural Manifesto for the Digital Age.

CORRECTION: In this episode, Jesse says Fox News is not available in Canada. It is.

Direct download: 273_The_Media_Baron_Dinner_Party_Where_The_News_Bailout_Was_Born.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 11:30pm EDT

Jason Kenney's United Conservative Party is imploding before our very eyes — but the Albertan electorate doesn't seem to mind much. And who does Justin Trudeau think he's fooling with a libel threat? Definitely not Andrew Scheer.

Bashir Mohamed co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_208_Oh_My_God_They_Killed_Kenney.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 10:02pm EDT

Crackdown covers the war on drugs from the trenches, and these war correspondents are drug users. Host Garth Mullins joins Jesse to talk about how after watching the media get so much wrong about the opioid crisis— if they covered it at all— he and other drug user activists got together to start a monthly podcast based on their stories, their reporting, and scientific research.

If there's one lesson we can take away from what's happened with Jody Wilson-Raybould, it's to tape all of your calls. And what's more important to the Trudeau Liberals: reconciliation or cold hard donations?

Wawmeesh Hamilton co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_207_Tape_Your_Calls.mp3
Category:media/news -- posted at: 10:02pm EDT

The CANADALAND interview with former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who targeted the press before it was cool. Now, conservatives from Donald Trump to Doug Ford walk in his footsteps. How does he account for his dubious legacy?

Direct download: CANADALAND_271_STEPHEN_HARPER.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:47pm EDT

Collusion? Obstruction? Why can't Canadians stay focused on the domestic scandal? And what does the dawn of Apple News+ mean for Canadian media?

Jaren Kerr co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_206_Justin_Gerry_Jody_Jane.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

When Ottawa Citizen reporter David Pugliese called the government to follow up on a tip, he heard back from the PR arm of Irving Shipbuilding. And then the president of that company called, and threatened to sue him. Turns out the tip didn't lead to a story, but that phone call did. Pugliese joins Jesse to talk about why.

Direct download: CANADALAND_270_The_Most_Expensive_Thing_Canadas_Ever_Bought.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

Andrew Scheer’s first statement about the terrorist attack by a white supremacist in New Zealand failed to mention a few things... like Muslims and white supremacy. Also, the federal budget was announced and so were the details of that controversial media bailout.


CORRECTION: In this episode, the shooter at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando is referred to among a list of angry white men. He is not white.

Direct download: SHORT_CUTS_205_Scheer_And_Loathing.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:13am EDT

Who do you turn to when the news messes up? It turns out there's a council for that.


Pat Perkel and John Fraser from the National NewsMedia Council talk about the powers and limits of their organization. They can tell a news org to print a correction, but can they stop a columnist from being racist? And what happens when a media outlet won't be deterred by shame?

Direct download: CANADALAND_269_Ruthless_Or_Toothless_The_news_Biz_Complaints_Dept.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:12am EDT

While we're all busy talking about the propriety of the SNC-Lavalin affair, it bears revisiting the company's sordid past. Also, how is the media culpable for whitewashing reconciliation? And Pizzagate comes to Canada.

Sandy Garossino co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_204_Pressure_Cooked_Octopus.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

Canada's most ubiquitous TV host talks about his many, many gigs, from MuchMusic VJ to CNN interviewer -- and why he's turned to YouTube for the latest one.

Direct download: CANADALAND_268_Strombo.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:14pm EDT

Gerry Butts breaks his silence on SNC-Lavalin. And the thing that Andrew Scheer can get away with, but Jagmeet Singh cannot. Paul Wells co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_203_Philpottcalypse_Now.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:14am EDT

This week marks 175 years of The Globe and Mail. You can read all about its accomplishments elsewhere. Writer Jamie Bradburn takes us through the paper's darker moments.

The former Minister of Justice testified before the House of Commons justice committee this week and it was like nothing we've seen in recent memory. And what did Howie Mandel do to make so many Canadian comedians so upset?

Sandra Battaglini co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_202_Jody_Wilson_Raybould_Aint_Nuthin_To_Mess_With.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:52am EDT

In the past year or so, the podcast industry has seen an explosion --or bubble, depending on who you ask-- with companies like Entertainment One, Corus, and Rogers making big plays in the market.

Ben Cannon of Constant Listener and Marc Weisblott of join Jesse to take stock of the landscape. Who are the big players? What are they trying to do? And are their podcasts any good?

Direct download: CANADALAND_266_A_Guide_To_The_Podcast_Industry.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

Reports of a massive protest convoy driving across the country have been greatly exaggerated ... except for the whole racism part. And a probing examination of all the Butts stuff in Ottawa.

Nora Loreto co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_201_Short_Butts.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

There's a lot to learn from what politicians and journalists can and can't tell us, their lowly constituents and readers. We read between the lines of the news coverage of the SNC-Lavalin scandal with BuzzFeed News' Paul McLeod. Then, Macleans columnist Anne Kingston helps translate politicians' passive-aggressive, condescending, or coded messages, passed to us through resignation letters, speeches, and even Twitter likes.

Direct download: CANADALAND_265_Decoding_A_Political_Scandal.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:00pm EDT

How did the Canadian press cover the biggest scandal yet to hit the Trudeau government? Will the SNC-Lavalin affair blow over? With this level of potential corruption, will anyone care or remember at election time?

Ali Taghva co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_200_My_Bloody_Lavalin.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

In English media, there are whole organizations and departments devoted to debunking fake news. But in Quebec, a lot of the work falls to one guy: Jeff Yates. He talks to guest host Brigitte Noël about the unique challenges of combatting fake news in French and why he thinks it's time to destigmatize sharing bogus stories.

Direct download: CANADALAND_264_Quebecs_Fake_News_Problem.mp3
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Is Netflix threatening Canadian culture through neo-imperialism? Never mind the copyright infringement, was the Conservative Party's Heritage Minute any good? And did the new Indigenous Languages Act accomplish anything? 

Jesse Wente guest hosts and Garvia Bailey co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_199_The_Sun_Never_Sets_On_The_Netflix_Empire.mp3
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Paula Simons did something that makes a lot of journalists cringe. She went into politics. The former Edmonton Journal columnist is now an independent senator. She speaks about crossing over, using social media to pull back the curtain on Canadian politics... and about the Senate's secret snack machine.

Direct download: CANADALAND_263_The_Loudmouth_Senator.mp3
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What's with our ongoing fascination with serial killers? What do we lose when Bruce McArthur pleads guilty to his charges? What does all this say about Canadian society? Plus, Jesse reveals the details of a top-secret media bailout meeting.

Fatima Syed co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_198_The_Criminals_We_Deserve.mp3
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What do warnings of globalism, support for pipelines and calls to execute Trudeau have in common? They're all part of the rhetoric of Yellow Vests Canada. CANADALAND producer David Crosbie investigates how a French working class protest against a fuel tax has inspired a right wing, populist movement holding rallies across Canada.


Read his full report on our website,


Direct download: CANADALAND_262_Meet_Canadas_Pro-Oil_Anti-Immigrant_Yellow_Vest_Movement.mp3
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Did a viral video actually show all the ugliness, racism, division, and indecency of the current moment, or did it show all the ugliness, racism, division, and indecency of the current moment?

And look out! Big Government is coming for your Netflix.

James Wilt co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_197_Smells_Like_MAGA_Teen_Spirit.mp3
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Canada's in a bad way with China. Has the media prepared us to deal with the growing superpower?

With tensions rising, it may be more important than ever for Canadians to understand China. The Star Vancouver's deputy bureau chief Joanna Chiu takes us through various forces standing in the way -- a lack of understanding of Chinese media among English Canada, the misogynistic culture of the foreign press in Asia, and government control over Chinese social media, even in Canada.
Plus, she talks about her team's recent scoop that Karen Wang, the Liberal candidate for the Burnaby South byelection, attacked Jagmeet Singh for being of "Indian descent" on WeChat. Wang resigned after that story.
Joanna's piece for Foreign Policy, "Sexpat Journalists Are Ruining Asia Coverage"
Direct download: CANADALAND_261_Oh_Great_Now_China_Hates_Us.mp3
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As the Trudeau government trumpets its track record on supporting women's rights abroad, newborn children continue to be separated from their parents right here in Canada. And how did Jagmeet Singh's most recent round of media appearances go?

Erica Ifill co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_196_Naughty_Daughter.mp3
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Something like the half of all activity on the internet is fake. Yes, there are bots. But there are also fake websites that cater to bots. And then there are the ways real people adjust their behaviour to try to game the bots. Where does this leave the idyllic internet we were promised?


Former Gawker EIC and current New York Magazine writer Max Read tells us how what's fake infects what's real. Read his piece in New York Magazine "How Much of the Internet is Fake? Turns Out, a Lot of It, Actually."

This episode is sponsored by FreshBooks and Blinkist.

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Is reconciliation still a possibility when the Canadian government marches armed police onto Indigenous land? It's time for Canada to grow up. And Canada's first female PM seems to have the best Twitter game of them all.

Jesse Wente co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_195_A_Baby_Country_In_Diapers.mp3
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A bunch of new partisan political websites are fighting to shape the narrative in the run-up to the federal election. Reporter Graeme Gordon is here to tell you which organizations to look out for on your Facebook and Twitter feeds, what their political objectives are, and who's paying for them.


Read The CANADALAND Guide To New Popular, Populist Political Media at

The Canadian government owns up to treaty obligations after 168 years, Maclean's staff puts in a bid to buy the magazine, and Rex Murphy kicks a journalist while they're dead.

Rick Harp co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_194_Rex_Murphy_Vs_A_Dead_Guy.mp3
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Stories of big news breaking when everyone else is on vacation. 
This episode is sponsored by Audible and Hello Fresh
Direct download: Ep._258_-_Christmas_In_The_Newsroom.mp3
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Two big Toronto papers got some things horribly wrong. The Sun has been censured by the National NewsMedia Council for its fictitious goat-slaughtering story, and The Sun and Star both recklessly outed a sex worker for no justifiable purpose.

Fatima Syed co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_193_Hate_Laundry.mp3
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Blazing wildfires. Pipeline stand-offs. Unpredictable floods. Men in suits arguing...

One of our era's most urgent, high-stakes stories is also the hardest one to get right.

The Discourse's environment reporter Lauren Kaljur takes Jesse on a tour of the biggest misses and tropes of Canadian media's climate change coverage in 2018. Kaljur explains how reporters can go beyond stale narratives and crisis reporting, and argues that a solutions-based approach to telling these stories could make them easier to engage with.

This episode is sponsored by Squarespace and FreshBooks. 


Direct download: CANADALAND_Ep_257_How_Not_To_Cover_Climate_Change.mp3
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Did Canada make the right call by arresting Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou? Or was it the perfect time for a little “creative incompetence.” And new details about Ontario Proud’s "grassroots," people-powered funding reveal the people are mostly corporations.
Jan Wong co-hosts.
Direct download: Short_Cuts_192_Ontario_Proud_And_Prejudice.mp3
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The Canadian federal government plans to issue nearly $600M in tax credits and incentives to bolster the country's media industry over the next five years.

What will this mean for the independence of the Canadian press? And will CANADALAND be applying for funds? 

Jesse speaks with American media critic and NYU professor, Jay Rosen. 

This episode is sponsored by Audible, Hover, and Sock Club. 

Direct download: Ep_256_The_Dependent_Press.mp3
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What does the heavily redacted – er, revised – federal report on Trudeau’s trip to India tell us about the internal machinations of the government? And what does a Supreme Court ruling about journalists’ sources mean for the profession?

Sandy Garossino co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_191_Justin_Trudeaus_Redacted_Trip_To_India.mp3
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CANADALAND's investigative podcast Thunder Bay published its series finale last week.
Host and creator Ryan McMahon reflects on the year-long production process, and he, Jesse and Connie Walker — host of CBC's award-winning podcast Missing & MurderedFinding Cle— speak at ImagineNATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival about the challenges that come with telling such sensitive, complex stories through the true crime genre. 
This episode is sponsored by Endy and HelloFresh
Direct download: Ep_255_The_Making_of_Finding_Cleo_And_Thunder_Bay.mp3
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Will federal media subsidies save a dying industry or merely protract the inevitable? And how did the Anglophone press react to the Ford government’s Francophone cuts?

Brigitte Noël guest hosts, along with Martin Patriquin.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_190_Is_It_Time_To_Pull_The_Plug_On_Legacy_Media.mp3
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After 25 years at the CBC, tech columnist Jesse Hirsh decided to risk it all. During an interview about Facebook, he turned the tables, asking why CBC continues to promote Facebook as we've seen what that company has done to undermine democracy. 


CBC refused to post the segment online, saying it violated their journalistic standards and practices. Hirsh's future with the CBC is unclear, but the incident raised a lot of questions about what you can and cannot say on our public broadcaster. 

Direct download: CANADALAND_254_An_Issue_Worth_Torching_Your_Job_Over.mp3
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Despite bringing the horrifying events at a private school in Toronto to the attention of police, the media have been getting some backlash from parents. A CBC columnist dared to call out the CBC on its Facebook practices, and Jesse makes some connections on the CANADALAND conspiracy cork board.

Bill Dunphy co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_189_The_Medias_The_Problem.mp3
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The Kielburgers' WE Movement has enjoyed more than 20 years of glowing press. They also have partnerships with 38 media organizations and a history of aggressive responses to criticism.
Reporter Jaren Kerr speaks with Jesse about his investigation of WE's media relations.  

Audio of Craig Kielburger's 1996 press conference addressing Saturday Night magazine's cover story was sourced from Judy Jackson's documentary It Takes A Child (1998).

This episode is sponsored by HelloFresh and Audible. 

Direct download: CANADALAND_Ep_253_Is_The_Media_Afraid_Of_The_Kielburgers_Final.mp3
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The most controversial Maclean's cover in years, Ontario Proud's leaked fundraising documents, and Justin Trudeau becomes the latest champion of the free press. Paul Wells co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_188_The_Paunch_Resistance.mp3
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When the CBC tweeted out a series of news alerts following Brazil’s election of a far-right presidential candidate... people had a lot to say. The tweets flagged, “fresh opportunities for Canadian companies looking to invest in the resource-rich country” and noted President-elect Jair Bolsonaro’s free market and pro-business stance  but neglected to initially mention his sexism, homophobia, and open declaration of being in favor of a dictatorship.  

The tweets went viral, with readers and journalists alike expressing outrage with the CBC’s framing, but some were surprised by the attention it drew, saying that analysis focused on investment opportunity was common and could be found in any mainstream business publication. 

So, was this a misunderstanding of the role and audience of business news, or an example of irresponsible journalism? 

Guest host Karen K. Ho explores how these ethical concerns are becoming a core component of many big stories, and what some reporters are doing to expand business journalism's audience and sources. Bloomberg’s Jordyn Holman who covers gender, race and class, and Bill Grueskin, former managing editor of the Wall Street Journal and professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, join Karen.

This episode is sponsored by Audible and HelloFresh. 

Direct download: Ep.252_Is_Business_News_Amoral_Immoral_Or_Just_Evil.mp3
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Debunking the Munk Debates, Tony Clement's sordid social media habits, and Ontario Proud goes national.

Ira Wells co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_187_Member_Of_Parliament.mp3
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For a long time, CANADALAND was (proudly) the number one podcast in the country — but that's no longer true.

Australian-born Kristi Lee works in marketing by day... but late at night, you can find her sitting in her closet, recording meticulously-researched scripts about the country's most horrific crimes.

Her Canadian True Crime podcast boasts an impressive listenership, and it's not alone. Lee's is among a burgeoning group of popular indie true crime podcasts made across Canada. But with such a following, why do we rarely hear about these shows?

Kristi joins Jesse to discuss the economics, entertainment, and ethics of true crime podcasting in Canada.

This episode is brought to you by Second City, Hover and FreshBooks.

Direct download: CANADALAND_251_-_How_True_Crime_Took_Over_Podcasting.mp3
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The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting was the deadliest instance of anti-Semitic violence in American history. Is the kind of rhetoric that motivated the shooter here in Canada? And what's with the CBC giving investment advice for the decimation of the Amazon rainforest?
Sean Craig co-hosts.
Direct download: Short_Cuts_186_Hate_Isnt_The_Problem.mp3
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Google's sister company, Sidewalk Labs, has partnered with every level of government to build the first-ever 'smart city' in Toronto — but with several high-profile resignations and mounting privacy concerns, will this project ever break ground?

Reporter Amanda Roth (The Logic) has spent the last eight months investigating Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto's 'smart city' plan, and has broken story after story on the tech giant's project.

David Skok is the editor-in-chief of The Logic, a new media start-up reporting on the innovation economy. He speaks with Amanda about the timeline of her reporting, how to responsibly cover big tech, and why people should be concerned by more than just potential privacy issues when it comes to this partnership. 

This episode is brought to you by Second City, Audible, and FreshBooks.

Direct download: Canadaland_250_Canadas_First_Smart_City_Is_A_Disaster.mp3
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Despite mounting human rights violations and the seemingly state-sanctioned murder of a journalist, Canada continues to sell arms to Saudi Arabia. Plus, how are municipal elections in Canada supposed to compete with period pieces?

Sandy Garossino co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_185_Our_Friend_With_A_Bone_Saw.mp3
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The debut episode of our new series, hosted by Ryan McMahon.

Episode 2 is online now, subscribe on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. 

Thunder Bay. The highest homicide and hate crime rates in the country. A mayor charged with extortion. A police chief who went to trial for obstruction of justice. Nine tragic deaths of Indigenous teenagers. 

Why does it all happen here?


Direct download: Ep._249_-_Thunder_Bay.mp3
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The entirely credible reports of a Toronto Sun "investigative columnist" ritually sacrificing scapegoats, and the pivotal role Facebook played in the creation of video at the expense of news.

Steven Zhou co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_184_The_Toronto_Suns_Scapegoat_Problem.mp3
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Craig Kielburger founded WE when he was 12 to fight child labour. Now, the WE brand is used to promote products made by children. 

Reporter Jaren Kerr presents the findings of his 4-month long investigation. 

Read Jaren's report here

Read WE's full responses here

To provide information to Jaren Kerr, email him at, or message him securely on Signal at 530-517-7538.

Direct download: Ep.248_-_The_CANADALAND_Investigation_Of_The_Kielburgers_WE_Movement.mp3
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The miraculous refinery explosion in New Brunswick, Faith Goldy tricks the press again, and the changing landscape of cannabis coverage.

Damian Abraham co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_183_It_All_Comes_Back_To_Weed_And_Wrestling.mp3
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Next week, recreational weed will become legal across Canada. In anticipation, mainstream media has begun taking cannabis coverage seriously. Overnight, nearly every major outlet across the country has hired full-time reporters to cover it — but before we celebrate industry growth, how sustainable is this beat?

Guest host Manisha Krishnan is joined by Financial Post's cannabis reporter, Vanmala Subramaniam and Grasslands founder Ricardo Baca — America's first weed editor, who co-led the now-defunct The Cannabist (The Denver Post's weed journalism vertical) — to discuss why journalists should cover weed like every other industry, their strangest reporting experiences, and their criticisms of cannabis coverage so far. 

Direct download: Ep_247_The_Weed_Beat_Final.mp3
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What does the election of a right-leaning populist party in Quebec mean for the future of the province? And how do you pronounce USMCA? It sounds a lot like NAFTA.

Martin Patriquin co-hosts.

Direct download: Short_Cuts_182_Why_Mr_T_Cant_Teach_Math_In_Quebec.mp3
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Guest Host Sheila Heti (Motherhood, How Should a Person Be?) speaks with fellow "autofiction" author Rachel Cusk (A Life's Work, Aftermath, et al). The Giller-nominated writers discuss receiving harsh criticism, why memoir is a dead end, and how Cusk is reimagining the novel, and making art and meaning out of mid-life crisis and divorce with her critically-acclaimed trilogy (dubbed a "literary experiment").