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We are releasing a new podcast this week called Taste Buds. Food writer and former critic Corey Mintz sits down for a meal with chefs, cooks and restaurant owners for real talk about food. These are the conversations insiders have at the table when the customers have gone home.


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The newspaper business is in rapid decline. La Presse, Québec’s largest news-site, announced its plan to become a non-profit.

Jesse joins Pierre-Elliot Levasseur, the President of La Presse in Montréal and speaks to him about their new non-profit structure. We learn about La Presse’s move to digital and how they’re holding out hope for a government news bailout.

Is this the future for news media in Canada? Or is it simply a neat exit strategy for Power Corporation, the Desmarais owned holding-company that severed ties with the newspaper business?

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What's Wrong With White People Pretending To Be Musical Black Slaves? Answer: Everything. And the 18 year old story of the then goateed dude-bro, now prime minister, copping a feel at a west-coast beer fest that we don't to talk about. Ever. again.

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The book world has been thrown into turmoil by sexual assault allegations, inter-generational fighting and questions over Indigenous ancestry. Is this inside baseball for a tiny industry, a microcosm of the culture wars or a battle over who gets to tell Canada's story?


Hannah McGregor is the editor of the upcoming book, Refuse: CanLit in Ruins.

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Why should you trust the press when politicians have Twitter? And we read the Steven Galloway "article" in Quillette so you don't have to; turns out there may have been a slight conflict of interest.

Justin Ling co-hosts.

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Almost every news story about cannabis is accompanied by a stereotypical stoner pic. The same few photos are used again and again. Why? Who took these pics? Who are the smokers in them? And what's the deal with the most overused stoner pic of all, the pic known as "Weed Toque Girl"? WHO IS SHE? 

This week we go deep, and bring you answers. 

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Rogers Media's questionable new approach to publishing (hint: there's just less of it), Scaachi Koul's journey into the heart of Rebel darkness, and Jesse's failed fortune cooke writing gig.

Jan Wong co-hosts.

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The weekly radio show On The Media was one of the main inspirations for CANADALAND. This week, their co-host Bob Garfield talks to Jesse about the Trudeau we get vs. the Trudeau Americans get.


Here's our cut of that conversation.

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Why is no one in Canada reporting on that Justin Trudeau groping allegation? How does The Globe & Mail go from publishing one of the most important pieces of journalism about sexual assault in recent years to publishing an alleged sexual assailant's version of events? And what can we learn from the New York Magazine profile of everyone's favourite hipster Ponzi scheme, VICE?

Danielle Paradis co-hosts.

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Canada's broadcast regulator has put forward a proposal to tax everything from porn to podcasts to help pay for Canadian content.

Greg O'Brien, editor and publisher of talks about why the CRTC is reviving the Netflix tax debate and what their plan would mean for the internet.

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