More layoffs at the Globe and Mail and the National Post were announced last week. Editor Jeremy Barker was one of the Posties who lost his job. A few days later, he joined Jesse to talk about what the future may hold for him and for print media. 

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Several Canadian alternative newsweeklies are gone and the rest are struggling. Rupert Bottenberg spent 13 years as the music editor of the Montreal Mirror, which ended its 27 year run in 2012. He remembers his tenure and reflects on what alt-weeklies meant and where they went wrong. 

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There are almost 300,000 international students in Canada. Avanish Agarwal is one of them. He says the experience is not as advertised, and that many like him are being exploited by Canada's schools and companies. 

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Year-end thoughts on how things are going so far, episodes to come, plus one that couldn't be made. 

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TV news is reductive, repetitive and usually ridiculous. Was it always like this? Broadcast news veteran Howard Bernstein remembers something better. 

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Graham Wagner wrote for The Office and Portlandia and studied philosophy because of Monty Python. In between, he spent ten years jobbing around Toronto's comedy scene, writing for a grab bag of Canadian TV shows and enduring development deals. His girlfriend made him talk to Jesse. 

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Kathryn Borel Jr. is a whole other sort of animal. More descriptively, she's an expat Canadian screenwriter living in L.A. She used to be a radio producer at the CBC, then she wrote the memoir Corked.  She's one of Jesse's dearest friends, and he bought her and her boyfriend Graham some wine. 

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Professor Dwayne Winseck delivers a blistering indictment of Bell, Rogers, and Telus; it's an attack that may have gotten him briefly kicked off Twitter. 

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Geoff Siskind is the showrunner of Storage Wars Canada and an accomplished documentary producer. He's also Jesse's old radio producer. A frank discussion about what's real, in life and in work. 

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Apple has banned Sex Criminals, a comic book drawn by Chip Zdarsky (aka Steve Murray aka Todd Diamond) from iTunes. Yet Apple sells the same comic. Steve on Apple's hypocrisy, his multiple personas, and what it's like to be the National Post's in-house deranged pervert. 

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