A series of essays by men accused of sexual misconduct, in which they attempt to defend themselves, have appeared in the press lately. Jesse and co-host Anne Kingston tackle that essay in the New York Review of Books, as well as the publisher of Harper's performance on the CBC.

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Guest Host Chip Zdarsky (Spectacular Spiderman, Sex Criminals) is joined by Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) co-founder and longtime friend, Chris Butcher. They discuss the state of the Canadian comic book industry, what it's like to work for Marvel, TCAF's far-reaching influence, The Beguiling, and the void that Koyama Press' departure will create in Canadian publishing. 

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A look at how the Ford government's notwithstanding invocation has been covered by the press, as well as a look at the spurious media diet of the alleged Fredericton shooter.

Arshy Mann co-hosts.

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Confusion over "off the record" played a pivotal role in global affairs this past week. So — how does this oft-misunderstood agreement actually work, and why do so many powerful people continue to misuse it?

Jesse speaks with Toronto Star's Daniel Dale about his scoop on Trump's off the record comments about Canada amid NAFTA talks, and to Buzzfeed News' editor-in-chief Ben Smith about an "off the record" email Elon Musk sent to one of his reporters.

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Jesse talks to Graeme Gordon about his controversial interview with former Rebel personality, current Toronto mayoral candidate, and avowed white supremacist Faith Goldy. Plus Trump's "off the record" drama with Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale.

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Paul Tadich joins Jesse in the studio to talk about what it was like producing multiple cities worth of news from a windowless green-screen room in Don Mills, Toronto. He compares his time working at Global TV to a "news sweatshop".

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Maxime Bernier fights diversity, then fights journalism. Justin Trudeau yells at a racist. Andrew Scheer wants you to know some people sometimes say something... or something. And a dumb debate ensues after a protestor assaults a Sun photographer.
Jen Gerson co-hosts. Jen's politics show OPPO returns next month.
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BuzzFeed’s Paul McLeod has covered politics in both capitals. Jesse reaches Paul in D.C. to speak about what it’s like to cover politics on both hills: Parliament and Capitol.

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Saudi Arabia leads the charge in exposing the human rights violations of Jordan Peterson, Alex Jones becomes the latest casualty in the Info Wars, and a review of Doug Ford's foray into the news business.

Sandy Garossino guest hosts.

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Welcome to Wag The Doug, a pop-up podcast about Doug Ford. Hosts Allison Smith and Jonathan Goldsbie help make sense of the Ford era.

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