Year-end thoughts on how things are going so far, episodes to come, plus one that couldn't be made. 

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TV news is reductive, repetitive and usually ridiculous. Was it always like this? Broadcast news veteran Howard Bernstein remembers something better. 

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Graham Wagner wrote for The Office and Portlandia and studied philosophy because of Monty Python. In between, he spent ten years jobbing around Toronto's comedy scene, writing for a grab bag of Canadian TV shows and enduring development deals. His girlfriend made him talk to Jesse. 

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Kathryn Borel Jr. is a whole other sort of animal. More descriptively, she's an expat Canadian screenwriter living in L.A. She used to be a radio producer at the CBC, then she wrote the memoir Corked.  She's one of Jesse's dearest friends, and he bought her and her boyfriend Graham some wine. 

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Professor Dwayne Winseck delivers a blistering indictment of Bell, Rogers, and Telus; it's an attack that may have gotten him briefly kicked off Twitter. 

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