After years of dodging emails about the internal politics of the country's largest subreddit, r/Canada, Jesse finally jumps down the weirdo-message-board rabbit hole.

Nearly 340k people are subscribed to r/Canada, with many using it as a primary source of national news. This past week, private messages were leaked between two of the subreddit's moderators, in which one moderator named u/Perma wrote that they were "slowly becoming" a white nationalist.

Freelance journalist and CANADALAND contributor, Evan Balgord joins Jesse to get a sense of how one of Canada's biggest informal, "non-partisan" news platforms begun skewing (alt)right and how Reddit influences mainstream media (and politics).

Jesse also speaks to the person responsible for leaking the conversation, "Neil" AKA u/UsedToDonateBlood, the founding moderator of r/OnGuardForThee — the breakout subreddit pushing back against the "censorious," and increasingly "alt-right" editorial slant of r/Canada.

An earlier version of this episode made reference to a Justin Trudeau AMA on r/CanadaPolitics. This was in fact an April Fool's hoax.

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Did CTV actually f**k up its Patrick Brown exposé? Can we reverse engineer his crisis communications PR strategy? When can we talk about anything else?

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On February 9, Gerald Stanley — the farmer accused of killing 22-year-old Cree man, Colten Boushie, in Battleford, Saskatchewan — was acquitted of second-degree murder.

In the wake of the verdict, Jesse revisits a conversation he had in Saskatoon with Betty Ann Adam (Saskatoon StarPhoenix), Rob Innes (Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan), and Mylan Tootoosis (PhD candidate, University of Saskatchewan).

This show was recorded live at Winterruption in Cosmo Seniors Centre on January 20th, 2017. The original airing of this episode was produced by Katie Jensen.

The Gerald Stanley verdict was a crucial moment - was the media equal to it? Was Patrick Brown set-up by CTV? And why is the newspaper bailout a thing again? Danielle Paradis co-hosts from Edmonton

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After ending the campaigns of several Tory candidates with his muckraking during the 2015 federal election, Macleans dubbed Robert Jago, "the most dangerous blogger in Canada".

The next year, Jago broke the Joseph Boyden scandal, and this past January he exposed Senator Lynn Beyak for publishing racist letters on her website, which resulted in her being ousted from the conservative caucus.

Jago has quickly risen as an incisive, evocative voice in Canadian media. He's now a regular contributor to The Walrus and CANADALAND — but he says he doesn't plan on giving up his day job anytime soon.

So. Who is this guy?

Robert Jago joins Jesse.

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Denise Balkissoon co-hosts. Topics: Tina Fontaine and Colten Boushie: why must the news media disrespect and blame dead Indigenous kids? And the allegation against Steve Paikin: hmmm...

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Why did an obscure Canadian psychology prof suddenly become an international media star? It's a much better question than "is he right or wrong?"


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Ontario's political scene lately - why so boring?! Jordan Peterson was a guest on CBC. The media's angle on the ongoing coverage of Toronto's accused serial killer story.

With Allison Smith. 

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