Stories of big news breaking when everyone else is on vacation. 
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Two big Toronto papers got some things horribly wrong. The Sun has been censured by the National NewsMedia Council for its fictitious goat-slaughtering story, and The Sun and Star both recklessly outed a sex worker for no justifiable purpose.

Fatima Syed co-hosts.

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Blazing wildfires. Pipeline stand-offs. Unpredictable floods. Men in suits arguing...

One of our era's most urgent, high-stakes stories is also the hardest one to get right.

The Discourse's environment reporter Lauren Kaljur takes Jesse on a tour of the biggest misses and tropes of Canadian media's climate change coverage in 2018. Kaljur explains how reporters can go beyond stale narratives and crisis reporting, and argues that a solutions-based approach to telling these stories could make them easier to engage with.

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Did Canada make the right call by arresting Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou? Or was it the perfect time for a little “creative incompetence.” And new details about Ontario Proud’s "grassroots," people-powered funding reveal the people are mostly corporations.
Jan Wong co-hosts.
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The Canadian federal government plans to issue nearly $600M in tax credits and incentives to bolster the country's media industry over the next five years.

What will this mean for the independence of the Canadian press? And will CANADALAND be applying for funds? 

Jesse speaks with American media critic and NYU professor, Jay Rosen. 

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What does the heavily redacted – er, revised – federal report on Trudeau’s trip to India tell us about the internal machinations of the government? And what does a Supreme Court ruling about journalists’ sources mean for the profession?

Sandy Garossino co-hosts.

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CANADALAND's investigative podcast Thunder Bay published its series finale last week.
Host and creator Ryan McMahon reflects on the year-long production process, and he, Jesse and Connie Walker — host of CBC's award-winning podcast Missing & MurderedFinding Cle— speak at ImagineNATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival about the challenges that come with telling such sensitive, complex stories through the true crime genre. 
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