As one of Canada's most beloved radio personalities leaves the job she's held for 17 seasons, who could possibly have anything negative to say? Also, Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott have finally revealed their schemes to... run as independents. And should media unions have a say in deciding who gets federal media funding?

Nora Loreto co-hosts.

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InfoLab imagined newspapers' transition from print to digital, creating multimedia digital news in the basement of The Hamilton Spectator back in the early '90s. Jesse talks to its former director, journalist Wayne MacPhail, about what the InfoLab did, and why it shut down shortly after Conrad Black's company bought the newspaper chain. 


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Lord Conrad Black, First of His Name, The Unedited, King of Columns, Breaker of Laws, Flatterer of American Presidents, and Father of the National Post. Did Canada’s favourite criminal Lord just schmooze his way into a pardon from Donald Trump or is the American justice system to blame? Also, speaking of ancient things, Canada’s dusty old privacy laws are back in the spotlight thanks to the government’s new digital charter.

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But will the $2.5 million judgment against the far-right twice-defeated mayoral candidate Kevin J. Johnston actually stop him spreading hate online? Jesse speaks with media lawyer Justin Safayeni, and founding board member of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network Amira Elghawaby about what the ruling means for Johnston and his ilk.

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It's Nazi season in Canada! From the "controversial" flag in Saskatchewan to the neo-Nazi working in an Ontario city hall, Canada's working hard to normalize racism. And Mark Norman apparently had it worse than Omar Khadr. Who was in Guantanmo Bay. As a minor.

Sandy Garossino co-hosts.

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The new podcast Narcos PQ hands the mic to those who bring Canada its drugs: bikers, drug mules, outlaw chemists. Co-hosts Brigitte Noël and Félix Séguin take over this week to translate some of their most revealing tape, and tell us why we should listen to criminals. 

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In the prurient rush for lurid details about Bruce McArthur and his victims, maybe it’s time to re-examine the way we consume true crime. And the ongoing saga of the Mark Norman affair becomes even muddier.

Deidre Olsen co-hosts.

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Digital media has been gentrified into a mall, says the digital rights activist and author. Cory Doctorow tells Jesse how consolidation and platform silos keep the biggest tech and media companies on top, at our expense.

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Was the recent Simpsons episode about Canada offensive? Was it even funny? And, finally, the mainstream media seems to be paying attention to the rising threat of white terrorism in Canada.

Alheli Picazo co-hosts.

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