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Karl Dockstader and Sean Vanderklis, co-hosts of the radio show and podcast One Dish, One Mic, join Jesse to talk about the history of policing back to John A. Macdonald, the killing of Dudley George at Ipperwash in 1995, and how it has impacted their lives as Indigenous men. Plus, Karl and Sean spoke with Senator Lillian Dyck about her call for RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki’s resignation.

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Can you really be “cancelled” if you still have a platform? A look at Margaret Wente, Wendy Mesley, and the Mulroneys. And was the Nova Scotia shooter an RCMP informant?

Desmond Cole co-hosts.

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Adrian Harewood is a news anchor at CBC Ottawa News and the host of weekly current affairs show, Our Ottawa.

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Journalists across Canada are speaking out about their experiences with racism in the newsroom. And as Wendy Mesley is suspended from hosting duties, it’s time to reevaluate the language used in news meetings.

Jan Wong co-hosts.

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Lord Tim Bell worked for a rogues' gallery of international clients, and co-founded one of the most powerful PR companies in history.

But it all came crashing down when leaked emails exposed Bell Pottinger’s role in fomenting unrest in South Africa to distract from the Zuma government’s corruption.

Richard Poplak and Diana Neille were on the team of journalists who obtained those leaks. Their documentary Influence chronicles the rise of weaponized advertising, and the fall of a controversial PR man.

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InfoLab imagined newspapers' transition from print to digital, creating multimedia digital news in the basement of The Hamilton Spectator back in the early '90s.

Jesse talks to its former director, journalist Wayne MacPhail, about what the InfoLab did, and why it shut down shortly after Conrad Black’s company bought the newspaper chain.

This episode originally aired on May 27, 2019.

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Dr. Cheryl Thompson is an assistant professor at Ryerson University’s School of Creative Industries, and the author of Beauty in a Box: Detangling the Roots of Canada’s Black Beauty CultureShe’s currently working on a new project about the history of blackface in Canada, and joins Jesse to tell us about her research. 


This episode originally aired on September 29, 2019.

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Protests have erupted around the world in response to police violence against Black people. Trump is violating the rights of his own people. Police are openly targeting and arresting journalists. Something has changed and Canadian media has failed in covering this historic moment.

Sandy Hudson, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Canada and co-host of Sandy and Nora Talk Politics, co-hosts.
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The pandemic could be an "extinction event" for American newspapers and so their publishers want their own government bailout. Meanwhile Canadian papers want money from Google and Facebook, too. Jeff Jarvis lays out the problems with all that, and Cory Doctorow and Emily Bell suggest a better way: breaking up the tech giants.

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