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The Kielburgers testified before the House of Commons finance committee, updates on the Nova Scotia shooting, and the plan for a Nazi colony in Cape Breton. 2020, am I right?

Tim Bousquet co-hosts.

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A new law in Alberta is Jason Kenney’s latest front in the oil war. Freelance journalist Grace Lisa Scott spoke to the people fighting back against Bill 1.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this episode incorrectly identified Marlene Poitras. She is Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief for Alberta, not Grand Chief. We regret the error.

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Jesse testified before the House of Commons Finance Committee about Canadaland's reporting on the WE organization, and, while accusing a Black person of anti-Blackness, The Globe and Mail itself has been accused of anti-Blackness.

Andray Domise co-hosts.

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Peter Aldhous reported that a Canadian lab’s prenatal paternity test was “unreliable." During the 18-month investigation, Aldhous found couples who'd been given results that turned out to be wrong. The lawsuit the lab launched against him lasted nearly ten years.

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We have some questions about WE’s government contract and their internal accounting. And the story of how a Canadian media outlet suppressed assault allegations against Peter Nygard.

Paul Wells co-hosts.

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It’s a scandal that could—but probably won’t—take down Justin Trudeau. After swearing otherwise, WE was forced to admit that it paid Justin's mom and brother more than $350,000 in speaking fees. It's triggered an ethics inquiry and a call for a criminal investigation. And all because Canadaland produced the receipts. 

Jaren Kerr, Canadaland’s former deputy editor, joins Jesse to discuss his 2018-19 investigation into WE Charity—reporting that set the groundwork for the scandal unfolding now. And Jesse talks about his own reporting, and how it spurred the latest developments in this fast-moving story.

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The press seems to have given the Rideau Hall intruder the white glove treatment, and why on Earth did so many people sign that letter from Harper’s Magazine?

Nora Loreto co-hosts.

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At Canadaland, we really didn’t expect to find ourselves reporting on the WE organization again.

But then it was the focus of the biggest politics story in the country, and we obtained a recording of a strange conversation between one of its founders and a person who was then a senior employee in the group’s Kenyan operations.

Jesse sits down with our managing editor, Andrea Schmidt, to discuss what we learned - and how, while we were investigating WE, one of its lawyers had commissioned his own investigation of us.

You can read WE’s responses in full here:

And our recent article about the recording (with the full, unedited recording included) here:


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The Globe and Mail is now 176 years old. You can read all about its accomplishments elsewhere. Writer Jamie Bradburn takes us through the paper's darker moments.

You can read Jamie Bradburn’s full article for CANADALAND here.

This episode originally aired on March 4, 2019.