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The Prime Minister’s Office leaks secret intel on how amazing it is. And Quebec’s French print papers somehow continue to thrive.

The Logic’s Martin Patriquin co-hosts and explains Quebecor’s secret.

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Crackdown covers the war on drugs from the trenches, and these war correspondents are drug users. 

Host Garth Mullins joins Jesse to talk about how after watching the media get so much wrong about the opioid crisis—if they covered it at all—he and other drug user activists got together to start a monthly podcast based on their stories, their reporting, and scientific research.

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It was originally published on April 8, 2019.

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Nardwuar the Human Serviette is one of the biggest media personalities to come out of Canada. He’s a prolific interviewer with a knack for shocking his guests by bringing up little-known personal details about their lives during interviews. He’s an absurd figure beloved by hip hop stars. He’s a punk from Vancouver who has 100s of millions of views on YouTube but still does his weekly community radio show. This is his story as told by the people who know him best. 

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This episode originally aired on February 17, 2020.

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Last week’s House Finance Committee hearings into the WE Charity scandal yielded few new insights into why the government awarded it a massive sole-source contract or how the organization itself operates. Thankfully, the press has continued to turn up information that MPs have not.

Craig Silverman, media editor at BuzzFeed News, joins us to unpack the latest revelations about efforts to burnish WE Charity’s online image while burying Canadaland’s reporting. 

Then, Mark Blumberg, a lawyer specializing in non-profits and charities, tells us how he’s never seen anything quite like WE before.

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